since starting nadolol ive never had a collapse or blackout.
since being on nanadol ive had no issues.
my icd with a peacmaker
I have Suffered palpations for over 20 yrs but only diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome this year!
Seloken Zoc
Corgard (Nadolol) 2x40 mcg
Inserted Cardiac monitor
Understanding what was happening to me
Nadalol and ICD seem to keep my heart at bay
Knowing we have addressed the problem and are dealing with it.
I do sports included compétition
On nadalol - feel more secure
22 years of betablokers
Just knowing and understanding the disease helps me.
Genetic testing
take metropolor on time
Avoiding drugs that prolonged qt
Avoiding drugs that prolonged qt
Avoiding drugs that prolonged qt
Had a great cardiologist as a child who figured out what was wrong with me
Acceptance helped me deal with my situation
My son and husband have LQT 2 found out after my 12 year old collapsed, nearly one year on and the help we had from hospitals and phycolgist is amazing xx
6 months of rehab
Change the way I live. Had to make adaptations
Royal children's hospital Melbourne
Freddie the puppy
keeping calm and finding alternative ways to waste energy then to sports
i dont let my heart problem stop me living my life to the maximum potential.
my medecine Seloken soc
I had an ICD fitted in August 2015 after a loop recorder picked up My heart stopped during blackouts! I also take Nadalol daily
No stress
Amending life choices to suit
Diagnosed when I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at home and was treated with Cpr from my dad and then multiple defibrillation from paramedics
I take Nadalol everyday and as long as I stay compliant I feel safe.
i m very active
Time to get used to diagnosis
my parent were always with me and so patient