Regular intake of magnesium, soothing massages with "sombra" when the dual ectasia is really bad
Having a great support network to rely on
My attitude! I cannot change what I have, and what's going to still happen. But I refuse to be depressed about it.
Meditation & mindfulness practice
having people who understand
Daily walk to the mailbox and back. Equals about 1/4 mile.
Healthy lifestyle - good diet, reasonably active, etc
Bentall's operation
I've started walking every day to combat the pain in my knees. I can barely feel it anymore
Getting off Atenalol, when cardiologist said aorta isn't dialating (it made me tired and depressed)
Cannabis has helped nearly all the conditions I have associated with Marfan. I wish I had discovered it in my late teens rather than my late twenties.
Sleeping does really make me feel better
Easy walk each day
I take Welbutrin to counter the exhausting side effects of the Atenolol.
Having a positive attitude.
Sleep ;)
Staying positive and not dwelling on all the bad things that maybe can happen to me.
I take magnesium - mablet- helps a lot
no exceder con los deportes
I survived a major stroke.
My Friends &nd Family give me energy
My 1st hip replacement. Finally walking again..
Daily intake of magnesium reduces migraines
Always stay positive
Cut out foods that cause inflammation out of my diet.
Most importantly, don't let just anyone operate on your Tarlov Cyst ONLY A TARLOV CYST SPECIALIST (DR. FEIGENBAUM IN DALLAS TEXAS IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST) Unfortunately I've learned from experience
My fiancee always being there and helping me through it all
I accept my limitations but don't let them limit my ability to enjoy life.
Tai chi
Co-Enzyme Q10 reduced my muscle inflammation within hours and got me walking again.
Medical management improves constantly.
Knowing my diagnosis
knowing what my genetic condition helps me to know (and appreciate!) my limitations
Family and friends support and encouragement
El psicólogo
Keeping active: swimming, walking, running, working, parenting, travelling - living life to the full and falling into bed exhausted every night
Protect myself from UV radiation and extreme heat / Protegerme del la radiación UV y el calor extremo
Hacer ejercicio
Losarían y atenolol me tienen el ritmo muy regulado
I have 5 children
A high protein and omega 3 diet improved my condition
A high protein and omega 3 diet improved my condition