Elimination diet
Lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, stress, and proper sleep)
Low histamine diet
zyrtec zantac singular
Avoid triggers
Cromolyn has been the most important drug for me.
Allegra 180 made me not shock as much
Cromolyn Sodium
Avoid alcohol
Diet. Avoiding known triggers and following a low histamine diet to the best of my ability. It's a trial and error thing right now.
I have been watching my diet, when I slip I do not feel good.
Avoiding Triggers
Avoid triggers
Intistine rehabilitation
Changing my life to avoid triggers
Understanding which foods can potentially trigger mast cell degranulating
Ketotifen 2mg 2x/day helped all forms of urticaria tremendously
Removing Tyramines from my diet changed my world
paleo diet, no grains, dairy or soy
Gleevec also known as Imatinib
avoiding triggers
Stick to a routine
Em primeiro,a ajuda maior é ter muita calma em qualquer situação,para conseguirmos pensar na melhor solução em tempo útil.
Gastro chrome ...miracle drug, llets feel semi normal in digestive issues
Knowing what I have
Eliminating triggers
Cutting out sugar, dairy, gluten, and high oxalate food and drink.
Mast cell stabilizers, particularly ketotifen
Holistic/Natural medicines.
Getting up and moving around first thing in the morning, no matter how extremely painful it is at first.
Low histamine, low tyramine and gluten free diet
Washing my clothes with ionization and equal mixture of oxyclean, borax powder and baking soda. Switching out household cleaners for Nature's Concentrate and other natural cleaners.
Avoidance of triggers
Removing any triggers and food
Breast milk on sores
H1 & H2 blockers daily schedule
Avoid trigger foods and situations
adding extra benadryl helps
Avoid hot showers if you start getting hives, wheezing, feel itchy, or general signs of an attack
Support group
Used to only take Zyrtec, added Allegra so that he now takes both. One in the morning on at night. Made a big difference.
Hydroxyzine and Cromlyn around the clock
i training crossfit everyday!
Zyrtec is the only antihistamine that works for me!
the only thing that makes me feel better is trying to workout..
family and friends support