Hybo baric oygen treatmen
Being positive
T.R.A.N.QUI.L.I.D.A.D (www.secretosdelaesclerosismultiple.blogspot.com)
Not stressing
my MS team, they have been amazing
Working out at a gym 6-7 days a week
8hrs Sleep
El aopoyo de mi eposo y familia
Eat Healthy
Taking Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
insulin pump
Good friends who support me
mantenerme positiva
Basic skills learnt early on conserving energy exercising even little amounts
Vitamin D help me feel better, more energy
avoid streeful situations
Eating a low saturated fat, no more than 10 gtrams per day helped to ease my TN pain
PNS Implant in the left side of my face with wires connected to V1 and V2. Plus a doctor who didn't tell me I was crazy, although quite a few did
Positive attitude
Never Give up
Exercising to keep mobile (still walking after 19 years & am SPMS)
A positive attitude. No matter what, stay positive.
Mediterranean Diet
Hope outside of now and what I am going through.
Best medication
On rituxan
Gave up alcohol
High raw, GF, vegan diet
staying strong
Eating healthier
Low fat diet with flax oil
Life goes on
OMS diet has made a difference
mi familia que siempre esta a mi lado
Stay positive no matter how bad things look
Mi Doctor
I have been on Tysabri (a disease modifying drug) for 3 years and its absolutely fantastic. I've only had 2 relapses in 3 years. I used to have 6-10 a year!
low GI diet
Keep positive, smile even when you feel crappy
In the past year I have not had a new lesion I am on medical marijuana
integrators that give me some energy changed my life and thought me to take things one at a time
The love of my family