El apoyo de la familia fue muy importante para sobrellevar la enfermedad, levantarle el animo siempre...hablarle de su familia y la escuela
taking my meds on time using my Mango Health app.
Getting plenty of rest
Taking Allegra Allergy Medicine when the sun makes my body itch, using Eucerin too!
Friends and their support
being outside a lot to slowly become strong again
Vitamin D, B, & iron. If I miss my vitamin intake I feel fatigued and get a lot of joint pain
Support from other parents whose children have been through SJS
Blood serum tears. They are made out of my own blood and have virtually healed my dry eye syndrome!
El tratar a las personas con esta patología me ha permitido saber que el tratar de dar la mejor calidad visual y a la vez brindando el cuidado adecuado de la córnea ante esta eventualidad evitamos la llegada de opciones quirúrgicas a veces o en algunos ca
My wifes support throughout this ordeal was invaluable.
Keeping as stress free as possible
Good care of TENpatient in hospitals (iVIG) and ones own attitude
sufficient amounts of d vitamin
Trying to stay positive.
Removal of lashes
I have good people to support me.
No junk food
3 weeks of the drug Qsymia almost killed me.
I'm living with it 19 years
I'm living with it 19 years
Zeit heilt Wunden und Kopf.
Doterra Essential oil products for my skin and hair
El apoyo incondicianal de mi pareja y su comprensión
I accepted that it happened
Amniotic membrane grafting
El suministro de medicamentos para contrarestar la infeccion, colistine.
being honest with my doctor
My Mom who takes care of me
Keep my eyes well lubricated so they don't burn.
Essiac tonic has helped energy and sinus problems and depression
talking to a priest about what really matters in life
Focus on the positive - all the horror stories of SJS can be distracting. Your life has changed, only YOU control how you feel, how you heal. Your family may not understand how you feel but you don't have to keep reminding them. They love you. Love them
Coconut oil. I has rejuvenated my skin. I also eat a tablespoon of it to coat my throat and it makes swallowing food easier. I also use it in my hair to help it stay moisturized. It's amazing for almost every part of your body.
La confianza que los pacientes depositan en mi persona hacen que le ponga más empeño y amor a mi trabajo
Taking methotrexate for the last month
Building up own language peer group in Facebook
peer group Elisabeth
Having a great support system of online friends.
My hospital and it's wonderful staff
Being able to educate others
I was in multiple organ failure after developing TENS.
Sheffield children's hospital
Feel appart from that