Finding a therapeutic combination of medication that relieves symptoms with out making me feel like a zombie.
Diazepam, Lyrica
Diazepam, Lyrica
any exercise I can do, some with special equipment
Ivig 2x's a week for 6 hours and rituximab
I take valium, baclofen, and gabapentin.
Iodine, mainly from potassium iodide
I am on 5 different medications for pain, nerve & muscle spasms
Intrathecal Baclofen Pump
Dietary changes
Try to keep moving if at all possible, walking, yoga, light workouts, any type of exercise to keep muscle from getting stiff.
Zanaflex & Baclofen
Baclofen/muscle relaxant
Rituxin infusion every 6 months
Exercise is important. As best as you can...
Family n friends who support me
Long Long time to find out what was up, but then it was easier to understand
Medications - Baclofen and Diazepam are VITAL medications I rely on!
Use cbd it helps me and it is legal in all states
Finally getting a diagnosis
Reducing the amount of stress in my life.
Exercises, chaleur, famille
Exercises, chaleur, famille
My family and friends, and even some strange ppl who I meet and surprisinly well understand my state
Dr. Duarte Machado in CT, My children and husband
Heat Packs
I don't push myself too hard. I have learned my limits.
Magnesium, from Epsom salts
I was misdiagnosed for about 14 years before I finally found a doctor who took me seriously
Support Groups
Managing stress
Being around my children, other family, and friends. I try not to be a lone to much cause I get to caught up in my mind thinking and end up depressed. I pray a lot, that seems to calm me down.
Antispasmodic / muscle relaxer
My Family that stands by my side through it all