My mum and dog are my rock
Lots of rest
UCLA neurosurgery
Excellent doctors who listen and always attempt to help.
Know your limits and get plenty of rest.
Chiari decompression surgery
Finally getting onto insurance is helping me begin to get more answers.
It is my granddaughter that has Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia ( she has had decompression surgery ) but some symptoms have returned as well as new issues.
The patch i use has been better with the pain. It helps when i feel less pain.
Bikram Yoga
Staying as active as possible
Connecting with people who suffer with SM on FB through different Forums. I have some great friends that understand what I am going through.
Water. whether taking a bath or swimming it helps with pain
My fur babies are why I get up every day
Keep Positive
Excercise in the beach
My relationship with God
My medication regime
C6-C7 lamenectomy with Syringo subarachnoid shunt surgery
Voltaren Gel topical Cream
Listen to your body
Increasing my gabapentin plus propananol for tremors have helped. The abdominal spasms are less.
memory foam seat pad
Nearly pain free from my Plexus products
Close family and friends whose love and support helps so much. I'd be lost without them.
God and prayer
I now use my journey with rare disease to advocate for others!
Laying down takes the pressure off the spinal cord and calms the nerves
Rest, sleeping with wedge pillow and roll under knees
Fentanyl gel patches(Activas brand), Oxycondone, Promethazine, VALUIM, Topamax, hydroxizine, Soma, Adderall, Norflex, Dilaudid
Keep busy - try not to dwell on it
Working out
Lyrica has helped the pain.
Positive people
Taking Elixinol CBD rich hemp oil for the last 3 months has taken away all my pain
Chiropractic- muscle (no cracking)
Lyrica & Cymbalta
Simple yoga every morning really helped with back pain
Pain management
My daughter is my will to fight this. She is my everything.
So far nothing