Accept that you have this disease.
Started cane walking in 2015 and apply for GD
Focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot do. Use my limits as a potentia
Join us in our effort to find a treatment for usher syndrome:
Don't deny your condition
I love to travel.
I have a very supportive family which gives me strength and motivation to keep going
Writing a blog -
Started with long cane age 40, I love it
Try live as a normal person things you cant do you can replace them in other things you can do perfectly
Beïng loved by my partner. Love is first and everything!
Raising our kids with my husband
Horizon verbreden ondanks smallere wereld
"Who says you cannot?"
Being positive.
A nice caring family
contact with other people affected by usher
I take Vitamin A Pulmintate every day. I beileive it slowed down the progress of the RP.
Hearing Aids
Hond Dilan
Improve other people's attitudes
I try to see things from a positive angle: humour is an important ingredience.
i have good family and friends. So i am lucky.
All my 3 guidedogs diet brougt me back to life
I diet vegetarian
Talk about it.
social contacts
My friends & family
Transcorneal stimulation with iontophoresis and dry needling really improved my vision
try to enjoy every day
Adapt to the conditions you're faced with.
Networking with people with the same problems and learn from them to accept the Syndrome
Adapt to it and enjoy life!
Listen to your family
I love to jogging.
I try to exercise every day which helps keep me feeling healthier and alert
Finding others with Usher Syndrome, I feel less alone and have made many wonderful genuine friends.
Contact agencies and charities, reach out
Give every day the best from yourself and enjoy as much you can
Helping others as a volunteer feels great!
Walking the camino de Santiago for a brighter look at life
"I'm Deafblind. I Run because I Can."
Having a Guide Dog.
A fun study
I have a cochlear implant! So thankful since I can no longer lipread!
Sign Language
Access rights is for everyone
I write. I have a blog where I write about my life with RP. (I have Usher's syndrome, so I actually write about my life as deafblind.) Writing is also recommended as: 1) Therapy for yourself 2) A way to inform others.