Heat and hot water bottles.
17 years on Depo Provera for Endometriosis now have end stage Adenomyosis.
Faith - maintaining a healthy spiritual life has given me something to live for and hope in my darkest times.
Norethisterone was the only thing that stopped extreme and prolonged bleeding
Heating pad, combination pain relievers, and yoga pants
Mirena IUD eased my pains & bleeding
started working with a naruopath. taking supplements to ease inflamation.
Hysterectomy with cervix removal
hysterectomy has changed my life
I became a vegetarian a year ago.
avoiding coffee, sugar and alcohol
Visanne (dionegest 2 mg/day)
Gluten free diet
Vissane help me go insane
Full hysterectomy
Listening to your body & resting.
Excision surgery at the CEC in Atlanta for my endometriosis
Zoladex injection every 3 weeks
My supporting husband.
Acupuncture! It truly assisted me after 25 years of horrendous periods. Not a cure but helped with pain and flow!
Online support groups create connections to others with the same ailment.
25mg Predisolone Tablets - 1 daily for 2 weeks
Liver Detox
zoladex and activelle & painkillers
Lifestyle changes including less or no; caffeine, soy, alcohol, red meat, processed food, not using plastic foodware...
Getting a diagnosis ended years of emotional pain. I now read widely and I'm my own advocate.
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Laparoscopy surgery is a life-changing procedure.
Heating pad helps immensely!
Pain relief - Tramadol, Panadol
Heat pads and rest.
My partner who always fights with/for me
Going gluten and dairy free, limit all sugar intake.. just making new meal ideas that are clean and follow the endo diet
Prostap 3 injection just had second injection v hard going but pain has eased a huge amount
Prostap (Lupron) No adenomyosis symptoms while on this
Prostap & HRT
Having an educated and experienced Doctor that believes me when I explain symptoms and changes.
Alternative medical practices to work on the causes of adenomysosis and hormone imbalance: I'm doing acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathic meds
My doctor prescribed an ibuprofen that is coated to prevent stomach ulcers. I take it every 8 hours for duration of period.
Knowing that I have endometriosis and not be a mentally ill
YAZ birth control
6 months of CBD oil