Lithium and Pristiq and NAC
Tomar la medicación.
Faith - maintaining a healthy spiritual life has given me something to live for and hope in my darkest times.
My medications
Meditation & mindfulness practice
My dog
Going for walks in the woods is helpful.
Using my spoons wisely
low GI diet
Acknowledging and being proud of who I am regardless of my disease. My disease does not define ability to embrace it...does.
Seroquel and Lithium
A strong network: Family, friends, caseworker, support group
My meds.
My daughter and husband
Exercício físico
Acceptance and Support of family
Heating blanket
Staying on my meds as prescribed
Taking meds consistently
Taking meds consistently
Staying active, playing sports..
Nothing yet!
oikeanlainen lääkitys ja terapiamuodot, kaksisuuntaisen mielialahäiriön hallintakurssi
Chiropractic- muscle (no cracking)
Proper sleep and diet
My Lumbar-Periotoneal Shunt has made a HUGE difference..
Zumba and My Fittness Pal changed my life
My best friend
PAF is incurable and untreatable.
Botox, trigger point injections, pain medications muscle relaxers and massage
Self care and learning to accept myself
Abilify has stabalized my mood
Lots of rest and lying down
Stopped Working
Medical Marijuana
Taking control of issues in my life and making the necessary changes
Tomar juiciosamente los farmacos y llevar una vida saludable(considerando las recomendaciones espaciales para el TAB).
Massages every 3 weeks
Supportive family and friends
Ritalin tablets help to wake me up a hold off sleep attack
have a good Pdoc
The right medication cocktail
stability in relationship
lamotrigine and cipralex and Abilify