Controlling allergy symptoms
MedicAtion for being dizzy and Tylenol for pain.
Finding the best ear surgeon possible.
Surgeries to remove c-toma seems to have eliminated the growth.
Getting ctoma removed is #1 option :)
Great doctor in Spokane Wa.
Avoid stress as far as possible
Ciprodex antibiotic ear drops
Never getting water in my ears
My son has Cholesteatoma.
Keeping ear dry, Vaseline and cotton ball before shower.
keep sinus and allergies under control if possible
Joining online support groups.
Finding remedies that help with nausea
Friends and family support
Seeing my ent on a regular basis. Finally every six months now after two years of every week then every month then every 3 months.
My son has cholesteatoma
Cooling mechanisms air conditioning
Dr Mason is the best.
Having a Consultant we trust
warm, dry compress
Anti Nausea medication got me off the couch.
When I had my surgery at the best ear surgeon in DK, my condition finally healed - but then came back 17 years later
Great support system via family and friends.
Keep your ears dry
MY Daughter who had same op prior to me
Low dairy intake
Becoming an advocate for myself
Chronic ear infections since a baby.
I have an excellent ENT who I work with.
Changing ENT after he kept using same drops for 8months and did not order CAT scan or use oral antibiotics
hot pack wrapped around my ear and head
Cannot believe I lived with all the discomforts fcc or 20 years.
Repeated visits to ENT SPEACILIST...
Similasan Ear Relief for clogged feeling (natural remedy)
Keeping my ear dry and NEVER letting it get wet.
Take pride in your difference(s)
I trust and respect my doctor
16 years of constant ear infections and now I have a result as to why
my husband's support
continuing draining of ear but still suffering
Having the titanium hearing implant improved my overall hearing in my right ear.
Cholesteatoma surgeries are improving
My Family. (Wife Daughter Parents 3 dogs)
Surgery in 2005
I take high dose curcumin (turmeric) tablets and garlic and mullein oil ear drops