Is there any natural treatment for Cholesteatoma?

Are there natural treatment(s) that may improve the quality of life of people with Cholesteatoma? Here you can see if there is any natural remedy and/or treatment that can help people with Cholesteatoma

Natural treatment of Cholesteatoma
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There is a natural treatment to treat or cure the Cholesteatoma. Surgery is the only way to remove the cyst and prevent further damage in the ear and the patient's health in general. Many times the specialist performs a cleansing of the ear as a treatment alternative for those who cannot undergo a surgery or even those patients who have already gone through the surgery but require this type of intervention. It is important to know that cholesteatomas should be cured with surgical treatment as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading to the surrounding areas, including the inner ear and the brain.
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Not to my knowledge

Posted Jul 23, 2017 by Leah 2055
There is no natural treatment of cholesteatona

Posted Oct 4, 2017 by [email protected] 2000
No. Surgery. Don't fool yourself and believe otherwise. They DO grow and they CAN become VERY dangerous!

Posted Oct 18, 2017 by CTomaDue2MisDXBADdoc 3500
Diet abd lifestyle could affect the cholesteatoma but the only treatment is surgery.

Posted Dec 10, 2017 by Adri 700
No i don’t think so
Maybe for the Symptoms

Posted Feb 27, 2018 by A. 2650
Not fo my knowledge. The only prescribed tendency is surgery to remove

Posted Sep 23, 2018 by Sandra 2900
Never been suggested by physicians or specialists. Unlikely.

Posted Oct 12, 2018 by glen 3500

Natural treatment of Cholesteatoma

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Stories of Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma stories
Hannah is my 16 year daughter.  She has had problems with her ears since she was born.  Constant trips to gp pediatric Dr for antibiotics for ear infections and get big injection on antibiotics when it wouldn't clear up. There was no bouncing on he...
Cholesteatoma stories
I call cholesteatoma the beast because it is. I started with ear infection in 2006. Then I noticed a hearing lose.Not intll 2011 did I get to a doctor who gave a proper diagnosis. Sent to Dr. Giddings in Spokane Wa. Had surgery to remove C Toma and p...
Cholesteatoma stories
Won't bore you with my dull medical history. Will say that it seems I am luckier than most, in that I have no day to day symptoms & I was able to swim, snorkel & even dive in some beautiful oceans before the disease was diagnosed. I felt fearful & ve...
Cholesteatoma stories
Case history: 2004 grommet l.s. (Szent István Hospital) June, October 2005: deviacio septi nasi, sinusitis ethmoidalis chr. (Szent István Hospital) 2006: mastoidectomia, atticoantrotomia, tympanoplastica. (MÁV Hospital) January 2008: retympano...
Cholesteatoma stories
My 12 year old had his first surgery 2 weeks ago. ( 9/7/2016) after discovering he had it in feb. No history of ear infections until December 15. How're had to have grommets in 3 years ago due to glue ear. From what I understand this is just the star...

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Cholesteatoma forum
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Cholesteatoma forum
Hi, I would really like some info regarding laser treatment for ctoma. I know that this is available in the UK. Does anyone know if this is available in Ireland. Thanks

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