Learning to listen to my body. Not always pushing myself just to keep up with everyone else.
zoloft and klonopin, midodrin
Every person that continues to be by my side while I am living with this illness.
Lots of rest if possible
Amitriptyline for pain has been a life safer
Pain management/Physical Therapy
My dogs
Eating gulten free
No exponerme a situaciones que pueden desencadenar el síncope como aglomeraciones
Flexeril for muscle spasms
Weekly Osteopathy
Difrent meds, from midodrin too neurotin
Zonisimide changed my life
laying down couple hours a day
Dianosed with SMA 3/29/3027
Exercise of any kind
My family and friends-I don't know what I would do without their support!
My amazing, supportive boyfriend
Chiari decompression surgery
avoiding most solid food and making vitamix smoothies
Mitochondrial disease cocktail & other supplements.
Staying hydrated is essential!
The pain pump gave me my life back.
Reeducação postural, fisioterapia e exercícios para fortalecimento musculo-esquelético
Support from other people who share your condition
Learning and sharing from people on sites like EDS.org
telling doctors where to get off when they say stupid shit like ' sometimes i get tired when i exercise at the gym'
gatorade low calorie
Nuvigil for energy
Daily 1-2 liters of NSS IV fluids since 2008
My fantastic friends and family
Drinking 2 litres of an electrolyte replacement a day plus water
Support from my husband
Air conditioning 24/7
strong coffee
Pacing - a laminated copy of the spoon therapy in the family room reminds me and the family
Washing my clothes with ionization and equal mixture of oxyclean, borax powder and baking soda. Switching out household cleaners for Nature's Concentrate and other natural cleaners.
filtered water
Rest rest rest
Staying active...preveiling
Stay hydrated! Your body needs fluids to run. Your car won't run without gas or oil so you keep it full, right? Treat yourself better than your car!
Going gluten free for 6 mths
Neurostimulator; I have two (upper body and lower body)