Getting a specialist who understands this disease
Deux de morphines skenan actiskenan et neurontin
Supportive family and friends
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
Ritalin tablets help to wake me up a hold off sleep attack
The right medication cocktail
Rest and relaxation
IV Rocephin, other abx (Dapsone, Mepron, Doxy) + FMT
Resting in the darkness in a quiet environment.
Finally accepting my need for a wheelchair.
Sumatriptan injections/nasal spray
Anti inflammatory diet
A physical therapist who understood connective tissue diseases.
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
My family and boyfriend have been sooo supportive throughout this awful illness
Trying to stay positive.
electric blanket to be able to relax my muscles before going to sleep and be able to get some sleep.
Bi-weekly counselling
Toradol injections and IV fluids for severe migraines
Finding a doctor that looked for the cause instead of just treating my symptoms.
Learning to stick to taking my thyroxine regularly, on time, and checking levels often.
Less stress
My wonderful husband who also has chronic pain, so he always "gets it".
DEX shots
Protect myself from UV radiation and extreme heat / Protegerme del la radiación UV y el calor extremo
A good pain management program. (medicine, water therapy, physical therapy, relaxation techniques)
Cambio en la alimentación
Ficar sozinho, em silêncio e no escuro.
Extensive research into supplements and beginning regimen of supplements specific to my body's condition
Writing a book based on true stories of chronic illness, chronic pain, rare diseases, and PTSD.
Family support
Great doctors!
Meias elásticas de média compressão
Metformin has helped reduce my weight and appetite significantly since starting a year ago.
Migraine Buddy app to log & track headaches
I have support from my children
Increased water intake
Hydroxychloroquine, 400mg
Found other people
Drinking 6-8 ensure a day
Finding support from others with the same condition
Knowing my triggers and listening to my body has really helped improve my mental health.
Plan ahead