Gluten Free! And limited refined sugars
Correct medication: Xyrem, Adderall, and Lexapro.
Llevar una vida metódica en cuanto a horarios tanto de alimentación como de irme a dormir
baclofen at night
Stop trying to be "normal"
A knowledgeable dr. That listens
Diagnostico (Mi madre)
Xyrem and Ritalin seems to work well for me
Xyrem has given me restful sleep so that I can wake up on time.
Xyrem changed my life. Daytime medication just won't cut it alone.
Los malabares me mantienen activa, tanto como otras disciplinas circenses han ayudado bastante en mi recuperación.
Xyrem has made feel like a normal person.
Un Neumólogo que me describió la enfermedad
Kratom changed my life!
Wish I had 1
Working for myself on my own schedule
The correct medication
Modafinil 100ml em SOS
adderall is the only thing that really helps
My own education and extensive research
Positive thinking
Bipap therapy for the sleep apnea
Gluten Free and Paleo lifestyle are most helpful
support from my mom,dad and siblings
Making time to do things for myself
cymbalta for cataplexy
Faith in God and understanding from my church family
meeting others
Anxiety medicine helps with cataplexy and hallucinations/nightmares.
Always taking my medicine...
Taking naps
No caffeine after 7:00pm.
Eating and beeing a "Herbalifer" has change my eating habits and sosial life. Using less prosessed foods, more protein, less fast Karbohydrates
My mom was there to fight with me, and she strongly believed something wasn't right when Narcolepsy started to appear.
La medicina "Anafranil" (Cloridrato de cloripramina), me ayuda mucho a controlar la Cataplexia.
connection with others living with narcolepsy who understand.
Gluten and casein free
Adderall for one year.
Provigil helped for a long time.
My faith
Finally getting the right diagnosis
My mum that always fights for me