Regular exercise (moderate)
200 g of dry glucose per day ( approximately 8-14 days per month) helped me to stop attacks completely during 6 months.
Candy! Sugar without spice makes everything nice.
High carb diet
2 years of phlebotomies, (a pint of blood taken out )brought my iron level down and all the blisters are minimal right now
Regular Gabapentin
Quitting drinking helped me have fewer attacks
Having daily doses of Vitamine D.
40 mg Lexapro
Sugar loading at first hint of an attack.
knowing that I am no longer alone with this condition!
Still battling but when i do have attacks I get Heam Arginate
Listen to the signals from my body and mind.
Avoid the sun
Monthly GnRH injections
when i play football
My mother's example with coping: supper always, Toffees and chocolates in reserve
I live in Dunedin NZ, where winters aren't too cold and summers aren't too hot
Being diagnosed and knowing what the hell is wrong with me !...
Less stress
The support of my wife
Avoid the sun
Increasing carbs: complex in between attacks and simple sugars during attacks.
Learning to eat small carb heavy meals through the day instead of fewer big meals.
hydroxyclororquinine helps keep the porpyhrins down
I became a Vegan with a twist...
carbs and dextrose/glucose
El apoyo de mi familia
La fluoxetina me ayuda a mantener tranquila
Maintaining a steady complex carb intake
Exercise in moderation
Researching everything I can find about Acute Intermittent Porphyria
Carbs help
Keeping my stress level down helps keep my attacks at bay.
Absolute support and care from my husband
Watching foods that trigger; alcohol is huge
The professors Y Norman and JC Deybach always spreaded a positive message
Magnesium supplements have helped a little with the chronic fatigue associated with VP
Холодный вентилятор