Nature throid
Increase in synthroid
Armour thyroid
Diet change
My son. Wanting to give him the right tools to fight to be at his side so that he doesn't give up..
Gluten free diet had the biggest impact on my health
Going paleo
Removing fluoride, gluten and amalgams
Baclofen (muscle relaxant) for muscle spasms/trigger points
Faith in God and understanding from my church family
Gluten free diet
Reduce stress
IVIG ( Intravenous GammaGlobulin ) 5X/ month
Physical therapy, daily exercise
naturethroid meds and low dose naltrexone
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
following the Paleo Diet
Patience with myself
Herbals, supplements and detox
low GI diet
Eating Gluten Free, low sugar, and cutting out junk food
AIP diet
Getting a good night sleep
Natural medicine and supplements
Going Gluten-free.....
Support from my husband
Adding T3 to my thyroid meds.
Pain killers
gluten free diet
Using nature-throid
Eliminating gluten and AIP diet helped decrease inflamation and stomach issues.
Going gluten free. Eating activated dairy, kefir water etc
gluten free has helped my ability to perform my job
going gluten free
Gluten free/paleo style
NP Thyroid
going gluten free
vitamin d
My church family are always my support group
Take my meds at night
Diet eating less and drinking less alcohol
Diet--no gluten or dairy, low sugar, low processed foods
Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
el positivismo
I am on Dexilant (GERD, hiatal hernia, & Barrett's esophagus), Phenergan (nausea), Ritalin, Hydroxyzine (Anxiety), Sulfazine & Diclofenac (RA), Vitamin D3 5000 IU (mood), Lisinopril, Synthroid, Naproxen, Novolog via pump, & Cyclobenzeprine (fibromyalgia).