Cut down/give up alcohol
meeting other patients
Chiari decompression surgery
Finding support groups on Facebook.
Yoga. It can be toned down to suit your personal ability It helps to keep joints moving and muscles moving in efforts to prevent contracture and improve circulation and oxygenation to the blood.
Water. whether taking a bath or swimming it helps with pain
Eliminar a lactose da alimentação
exercising by walking my more often
My kids for keeping me moving. My boyfriend for his love and support. My pets for their joy.
Natural herb turmeric is a miracle for nerve pain!
Finding something that I'm passionate about doing
handwarmers helt to my face in a soft mitt.
Micro vascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia
great medical support team
Having a baby that needs me allows me to keep fighting for my health.
horse are my therapist , my physio and lower my pain better than morphine. o do pain mangement too
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
Kenalog 40
I don't keep being sick
Finally getting a diagnosis, receiving treatment.
Washing my clothes with ionization and equal mixture of oxyclean, borax powder and baking soda. Switching out household cleaners for Nature's Concentrate and other natural cleaners.
Changing my diabetes medication helped me to control things
Avoiding public transportation and stressing situation
Linzess medication
Drink homemade ginger tea
seeing a therapist at rharian fields
Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
finding a good gastro doctor
Vitamin D, calcium, and Forteo injections over last 3 years has given me more strength
Fioricet with codeine for the occipital neuralgia
Had the marina for 3yr and helped alot
Keeping yourself busy doing what your body allows you to do, charties are a great way you can help from home
Time and Love with my pets
Deixar de comer gluten
i have yet to find what is going to work for me. Medications wise. We are doubling my Remicade to 10 mg this week.
Heating pad
changing my diet
Excision surgery with a specialist
Medical Marijauna
Carpe diem - seize the day. The dx has made me live more in the now.