Lasix save my pancreas so I would be able to continue on a diuretic
Lots and lots of exercise helps keep my symptoms manageable
ASMES: Asociación Española de Síndrome de Ménière
1 año de Diamox
Praying for healing
i listen to my body and only do what i can and stop when i need to. determined to not have it beat me
support groups
Finding out my trigger food and drinks and avoiding them.
2 shots of Lidocaine in the ear drum 12 months apart! No more vertigo!
I've noticed the biggest change after going to a chiropractor.
Never low salt diet
Still searching
Gluten Free Diet
Limit caffeine
4 weeks of physical therapy, epley maneuver
less stress
Do NOT give in and lay in bed all day. Being upright and active improves circulation and will decrease the vertigo and other symptoms
Regular life
My hearing aid!! Id be lost without it
My wife and five year old granddaughter
Eating very healthy, organic, veggies with everything, gluten free as much as possible, green smoothie every chance I get.
No coffee
Eliminating processed foods, lowering my daily sodium intake to between 800-1300mg a day, and an overall increase in dietary potassium have resulted in less frequent bouts with severe symptoms and lessened impact of chronic symptoms.
No caffeine
Low sodium diet
Get a lot of sleep
aceptación de Meniere
Support from my husband.
Prednisone taper when the symptoms are unrelenting
10 hour of sleep per day.
Reduce stress
Family support
Finding the right combination of medication but still have flares and etc.
Patience with myself
support thru Meniers Australia
Betahistine, made by a compounding pharmacy
i gave up all dairy in 2004 and touch wood have not had bad attacks since, still dizzy though
Acceptance of Meniere's as part of my life.
Plenty of sleep
Got on a 1500 mg sodium a day diet
Serc really helps with rotational vertigo
Acupuncture, once every two weeks
vastersl mr
Grommet and steroid flush
water pills have helped me
Serc, without it I would not be the same.