No sugar, gluten or dairy
Staying away from Fragrance and fragrance products.
first of all discovering what was causing the sensitivity and why I came down with it
Chemical aviodance
Reducing anxiety levels helps gaining spare energy
DNRS improved my health and life to about about 90%. After a year of doing it, I feel like a new person.
Moved to a house in the country from a city apartment, for much fresher air.
Getting fragrances out of my home.
Eliminating processed foods and GMO's, going organic.
One year of nystatin
avoidance of triggers
Diet: gluten, wheat, processed dairy, soy, canola, and corn free. Whole and organic foods with a focus on fruits and vegetables.
Finally being able to network with other people who are learning to cope with MCS.
Brain retraining.. DNRS and HANDLE therapy. EFT, challenging core belief systems, NAET self treatment. Forgiveness and acceptance.
Try to eat unprocessed foods.
Supplements for deficiencies after testing, organic eating, juicing
Staying home and not exposing myself.
Walking in the nature's pure air
Avoiding people and exposed areas
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Taking vitamin supplements
Friends who respect my fragrance-free needs
naturopathic treatment, antibiotic treatment
Changing diet to include less sugar
Lions Mane Mushroom made a big difference for my Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. I think I took it for 2 months.
les conseils du Dr. Barry Bregger
avoidance, proper diet and gut health
fragrance free house
Getting a living space without triggers/toxins where the air was safe to breathe, the water filtered, availability of organics nearby.
Dr Rea's immunotherapy - antigens
Move to a place with clean air
to accept my sensitivity
90% receovered through Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS)
Getting all fragrance and cleaning chemicals out
Mold avoidance
Changing to perfume free products. Avoiding chemicals in new clothes and products.
3m cold weather disposable mask
Staying away from my computer.
Air quality
Isolation, by moving to small town in the country and minimal physical contact with society.
Safe place to live (less exposure to environmental triggers).
Using product without salicylate