Finding doctors that have knowledge of my disease.
Keeping a positive attitude
Dr Adrian Casey
Intrathecal pain pump for my TCD pain
stopped working
Knowing my limits and resting when I need to
Pilates with large equipment
Tarlov cyst support group
Neurontin gave me so much reduction of pain, I changed back to who I used to be after 8 years of constant pain
accepting that the old Angie is gone and learning too embrace my new life stopping work
soak in Epsom salts
Fentanyl gel patches(Activas brand), Oxycondone, Promethazine, VALUIM, Topamax, hydroxizine, Soma, Adderall, Norflex, Dilaudid
Moving has made me feeling better.
Don't over do it
For doctors to believe us - education of doctors worldwide
Pain medication
Staying positive
LISTEN to EVERYTHING your SURGICAL STAFF tells you and REMEMBER AND DO EXACTLY what they say. I hope you noticed that I put some things in all capital letters that is because they are the ones who are trained and know what they're talking about. THERE WIL
taking one day at a time,try not to worry too much about tomorrow
We attached two pairs of pool noodles to a chair. They are placed so that when I sit, each femur rests in the crevice between one pair of noodles. I am supported without any pressure on my tailbone or spine. I cannot sit indefinitely, but long enough to h
Never push myself unless it'll be worth the pain
Heated seats in the vehicle, heating pads at home.
twelve months on Cymbalta and Arthrotec
For Radiologists, Neurosurgeons and General Practitioners to know, sympathise and understand Tarlov Cysts
Most importantly, don't let just anyone operate on your Tarlov Cyst ONLY A TARLOV CYST SPECIALIST (DR. FEIGENBAUM IN DALLAS TEXAS IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST) Unfortunately I've learned from experience
Dr Frank Feigenbaum's surgery,with AIMIS Cyprus
Acceptance through meditation
Facebook T support groups (hugs to my T family)
magnesium/calcium tablets post op
Pain medication
Having to know exactly the root of my pain already is making a difference in my life. The fear of not knowing is the most scary situation to be in. Now that everything is finally making sense to me, all the tedious pain,it feels better just to talk about
Understanding my disease
husband is helping me out
family support and peer/group support
platre Transtec qui diminuit la doleur
I wish that we had more knowledgeable doctors in SA
Gabapentin for nerve pain
Grounding, aka, Earthing, helps me greatly. I practice it every day as often as possible. It was hard this winter when I had to do it inside, I'm glad it's warmed up so I'm back outside again.
DMSO cream (rose scented) works anywhere from 4-6 hours for me depending on what I'm doing
DMSO cream (rose scented) works anywhere from 4-6 hours for me depending on what I'm doing