I became friends with my tinnitus.
go to my acupuncturist
Sound machine at night -- sounds of waves, crickets, campfires
I've got tinnitus since i was 13teen
3 Weeks, T reduced to background noise while at quite indoor or head next to my pillow
never been giving treatment for T
Keep busy!!!
Music helps me every day, and to fell a sleep to the sound of the TV
Believing in God and handling everything to him. Jesus suffered for me, and I dedicate my T to him. Sooner or later I’ll be in the eternal life where everything is perfect.
Walking my dog because natural noises like wind rustling the trees helps to mask the T
Vipassana Meditation
Facebook T support groups (hugs to my T family)
taking the medication, and look for ways to deal with Hyperacusis, and dont fall into trap of hiding away from all noise. It only gets worse
Medication (clomipramine and mirtazapine)
triptans are a life saver !!
Once I came to terms with there being no cure, I was able to find ways to cope
Walking my dog
Wearing hearing aids with a sound masker
Hearing Aids
Ronald, my husband
Musician's earplugs
still waiting on answers so far.
Cranial sacral therapy
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Actividad fisica
Vitamin D supplements
A month of taking Gabapentin
Pacing myself and knowing the signs to stop before I crash.
White Noise Machine
Don't believe the misinformation and lies that are fed to you from the industrilal sector
Getting ctoma removed is #1 option :)
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
Lumbar punctures, pain medication
la toma de doxiciclina
electric blanket to be able to relax my muscles before going to sleep and be able to get some sleep.
Support of family and friends.
Hot shower