Not feeling guilty about saying no
Yoga helps to give me energy and restore my calm when I feel frustrated.
Muscle Graft Surgery! Painfree
My Amazon Kindle
Having the support of my partner
Graded exercise therapy/Pacing
Taking a guilt-free nap when I need it.
Epsom Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate baths every 3 days or footbaths day and night
Rest enough
Social contact and support
Accepting I'm not Superwoman
Change in diet
Neck steroid injections
my husband ... he is very close to perfect most of the time ... except when he's not
Finding a bioidentical dr to treat my thyroid based on my symptoms
A timetable telling me when to do things and when to rest.
Magnesium baths and tablets
Tempur mattress to make the very long hours in bed more comfortable and no sores
Any help offered, always give it a try
Baclofen (muscle relaxant) for muscle spasms/trigger points
Aceptar la enfermedad y conocer todo acerca de ella me ayudó a llegar al equilibrio emocional y a entenderme a mi misma.
Faith in God and understanding from my church family
Naturopathic Doc put me on very strict diet for 1 yr and lots of supplements
A Mobilty scooter so I can get about more easily
Getting the right Dr
My dogs
Acceptance of my illness of the change and boundaries its going to have on me for the rest of my life
Family & friends support system, Canine service animal
Resting when needed
Pioneered the multiple infection treatment method for Chronic Fatigue and Lyme disease
Chiari decompression surgery
Yoga. It can be toned down to suit your personal ability It helps to keep joints moving and muscles moving in efforts to prevent contracture and improve circulation and oxygenation to the blood.
The permanent spinal cord stimulator
My hot water bottle always provides me some relief
Great doctor
Humira injections have cleared the ulcer's
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
Positive attitude
Finally getting someone to tell me it is a real illnesses and giving it a name.
I don't keep being sick
Patience with myself
Diet, low carb high protein and veg
Pacing my energy use